Photo Credit: Penn State Athletics (

Photo Credit: Penn State Athletics (

It was looking pretty bleak for Penn State as they trailed 5-2 by the fifth inning. Penn State was first on the board in the first inning with two outs, Braxton Giavedoni hit a double and Nick Riotto brought him home with a single. Villanova followed up and took the lead, scoring four runs on six hits. To start the inning, Villanova’s Doug deMarrais hit a one-out double followed by a single from David Gulati. The Wildcats then wracked up the score with RBI singles from Timothy Lilly, Dominic Sarro, Todd Czinege and Ryan Toohers. Giavedoni hit an RBI-single for Penn State in the third inning, but Villanova restored the three-run lead with an RBI-single from deMarrais in the fifth inning, also being the last run of the night from the Wildcats.

With one out and Willie Burger on third base, Brett Davis was able to hit a single to bring Burger in to score. Davis, now on second, was able to advance home after Logan Goodnight singled on an error, getting the Nittany Lions closer to Villanova, 5-4 at the end of the sixth inning. The seventh inning was scoreless for both teams but Penn State woke up and scored seven runs on seven hits alone in the eighth inning.

Riotto led off the inning for the Nittany Lions with a line out followed by a single from Burger. Ryan Sloniger was hit with a pitch and Davis singled, loading the bases. Goodnight came up and hit a single, the game-tying RBI. The hits didn’t stop there for the Diamond Lions. Villanoa changed pitchers as Alex Malinsky stepped up to the plate. He hit a double, bringing two men home and wracking up the score to 7-5. With two men still in scoring position, Mason Nadeau walked to load the bases once again. Christian Helsel hit a double bringing in two for a score of 9-5. Villanova once again changed pitchers but that didn’t stop Giavedoni from singling to bring another man home followed by another single from Riotto, the final run of the game.

Penn State will continue their home streak for the last series of the season against ranked No. 22 Nebraska.

Abigail Sales is a junior studying broadcast journalism at Penn State. She is a reporter for the Daily Collegian and has a huge love for hockey. You can reach her at [email protected]

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