We’re all looking forward to it.  When Penn State Football is back in full swing and so is every fan’s favorite pre (and post!) game activity: Tailgating.  The spirit of Penn State Football gains its momentum and fervor from the thousands of die hard fans who come to Happy Valley to tailgate.

tailgate platterI’m sure I can vouch for many fans when I say, aside from the games, tailgating is my favorite part of weekends at Penn State.  Getting up early to begin tailgating at 8 am before a noon kick off?  It honestly is the best way to kick off the weekend.  Fans come from not just Pennsylvania, but all over the country, just to spend Saturday on the tailgating fields.

Whether you’re hard core with specialty foods and televisions to watch the game on, or simple with hot dogs and a football, Penn State tailgating is a lot of fun.  My favorite part of tailgates though, is the food.  Simple or complex, tailgate food always compliments the spirit of football games.  In this post, I’ve found some yummy, but fairly straightforward, snacks for tailgating.

(The links to the recipes will be in the title of each picture.)


Buffalo Chicken Sliders


Pepperoni Pizza Puffs


Seven Layer Dip


Peanut Butter Football Dip


If you’re traveling, these are simple enough that you can prepare them before you leave and reheat them once you arrive at Penn State.  If you’re not traveling, they’re great for a college budget and look delightfully tasty!  Not to mention you will impress a lot of your friends with your mad cooking skills (you don’t have to tell them how easy it was to make them).

There you have it!  How about you?  Are you looking forward to tailgating as much as I am?

A proud Penn State alumna and graduate student, Caitlin Bonsmann writes for Lions Pride's Student Life blog. Involved in several student organizations, including THON, Caitlin enjoys dancing, photography, anything blue and white, and reading. You can contact Caitlin at [email protected] with any questions. We Are!

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